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Two Street Trees” in The Recluse

Replica” in The Yale Review

See Your Trash” in The Baffler

Jalousie” in Poetry
Two poems in Etcetera 
Premise” in Denver Quarterly's F I V E S 

We Like to Say What Is Happening” in DUSIE
Three poems
Two poems in feelings

Four poems in The Brooklyn Rail

What Made It Good” in Boston Review

Score Poems, Present Tense Pamphlets 
#ff0099” in Web Safe 2k16
Millennial” in the PEN Poetry Series
A Rite” and “Self Monument” in Kenyon Review Online

Excerpts from “No Answer in Gramma
From the End of an Ice Age White Birch on a Rock Bank” in Omniverse
Apology,” “Day,” & “Desk Feeling” in Prelude 
Regarding the Statues of Great Men” in Everyday Genius 
Public Archive” in Birdfeast

Score For Likeness” in Jellyfish

Two Poems in Sixth Finch

Score for a Spectacular” in Juked

Score for the Contingent” in Diagram 

After Absence” in Boxcar Poetry Review

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